Accreditation Programme

Download the Farm Dairy Effluent System Design Accreditation Programme

Why have an Accreditation Programme?

The dairy industry target is to reduce significant non-compliance for effluent below 5% by 2016.

In order to achieve this there are two requirements:

  • Increase the skill levels of effluent industries servicing farms;
  • Increase on-farm awareness and knowledge for effective effluent management.

When combined with an industry code of practice, standards and training, an Accreditation programme is the best method to improve skill levels and provide greater consistency within the effluent service industries. The challenges ahead mean significant investment is required in on-farm effluent infrastructure over the next 5-10 years. Based on current performance without a quality assurance system to give dairy farmers certainty that they can spend there money wisely, it is doubtful the target can be met. The Farm Dairy Effluent System Design Accreditation programme compels designers to follow the Farm Dairy Effluent Design code of practice and standards and therefore gives dairy farmers greater certainty when making and investment.


Initially the accreditation benefits will be realised through distinguishing your organisation from ‘cowboy’ competitors. Accreditation requires demonstration and maintenance of high skill levels, knowledge and experience – cowboys need not apply!

Accredited Organisations will also benefit from free advertising through:

  • Joint press releases promoting the Accreditation programme,
  • Links from Dairy NZ, Irrigation NZ & NZMPTA websites to the Accreditation register on the website;
  • Dairy NZ printing the names of Accredited organisations on flyers to use at farmer events, and Waikato Effluent Expo / Mystery Creek;
  • Advertising features run in key regional papers,
  • Articles submitted to ‘Dairy Exporter’, ‘Dairy News’ and ‘Inside Dairy’.

However, it is likely that both dairy companies and Regional Councils will, over time, require ‘Accredited Designers’ as part of their supplier programmes and consent requirements. The accreditation programme will first have to prove its worth through the delivery of robust and real outcomes.

How Does the Programme Work?

It’s simple…

  1. Send your organisation’s Accreditation application to the administrator.
  2. The application is then assessed by an assessment panel that make a recommendation to the governance group.
  3. The governance group then approves or declines Accreditation status.
  4. A renewal process (audit) occurs every two years.

Accredited organisations must adhere to the Farm Dairy Effluent Design Code of Practice and Standards and maintain internal quality assurance systems. Accreditation is for a 2-year period and a professional interview will be undertaken at your organisation’s work place for Accreditation renewal. Your organisation is also subject to a complaints process by both clients and regulators.